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Share Islam: Fate of Non-Muslims

Name of Questioner

Samuel - United Kingdom


Fate of Non-Muslims


Please don't consider this question offensive. I don't mean so. Though I'm not a devout Christian, I try to follow teachings of the Bible. I want to know how does Islam view my case, I mean, in what status will a person like me be in the Hereafter, according to what you Muslims preach: i.e. to be in Hell or Paradise. Mind you, I have belief that God exists, but I haven't found Him yet.



Name of Counsellor

Yusuf Estes


Muslim Belief


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear Samuel, we would like to thank you for your question, and we appreciate the great confidence you have in us. We hope our efforts meet your expectations.

With regard to your question, we'd like to cite for you the statement of Sheik Yusuf Estes, Director of, and National Chaplain WAMY, in which he states the following:

“First of all, we do not take offence at the question. Being a believer of Christianity and yet not tying into a particular denomination may actually be in your favor. This was my case ten years ago. I was a preacher for Christianity and an enemy to Islam. But due to my sincere efforts and sacrifices and willingness to overcome the natural tendency of the human toward prejudices and rationalization, Allah Bestowed His Mercy on me and allowed me to enter into Islam.

Your fate is totally up to Allah and we are speculating if we are talking one on one with an individual. You see nobody knows where he will wind up. We don't know if we will even live another day and we don't know where we will die either.

Always in Islam no one is asked about something he or she is unable to do or did not know about. If a person never heard of Islam, the Qur'an or the message of worshipping only One True God (Allah), then Allah would take care of that person in His own way and would be sure that he got his input. However, once a person has entered Islam he must do his or her best to follow Islam to the best of his / her abilities.

Allah mentions in the Qur'an several times the importance of believing correctly according to what He is telling us to believe and how to act on our belief.

If Allah dooms someone to Hell, it will only be because of one thing. He states clearly in the Holy Qur'an that He cannot forgive the setting up of partners with Him, but anything less than this, He can forgive.

Only the most wretched and criminal of humans will have to endure the eternal pain and suffering in the Fire of Hell. And may Allah save us from that, Ameen.

Here is a sincere piece of advice from one who has been through it. Coming into Islam means the sincere worship of only the True God of the Universe without any partners. This is well along the same teachings of the Old Testament and parts of the New Testament. So try thinking of Almighty God as a real God. Don't imagine Him as a "man" or a "cow." Then while thinking about the Mercy of Allah begin to pray deep down inside your heart something to the effect of:
"O God -- guide me."

Whomever Allah guides none can misguide him. And if Allah guides you then none can misguide you. And if He misguides someone, then there is no one to guide that person.

Everything in this life is to prepare us for the meeting with Allah after our deaths here. So keep this in mind while you are learning about Islam and Muslims.

Pray unceasingly, day after day, and be honest and sincere in all that you do. Allah doesn't need us at all. So obey His orders in all ways. Eventually, He will guide you to that which will make you submit to Him.

When you are sure that you are ready to surrender, submit, obey and do it in sincerity and peace, then you are ready to make your declaration of faith called the Shahadah.

That is the only thing that you really have to do on your own and none can do it for you either is to worship Almighty Allah directly and always ask Him for your needs.

But just as you would have no trouble in telling us who are mother or your father is, so it should be easy for you to tell us Who Your God is.

So I pray that you will receive Guidance from Above, Ameen.

I pray that Allah will forgive us our mistakes and errors and ask Him to guide us to all good things, Ameen.

Allah Almighty knows best.

Share Islam : Do you know who "ALLAH" is?!!

Do you know who "ALLAH" is?!!

The name "Allah" is a word that is heard quite often those days whether it is on the television or passed along in conversation. But most non-Muslims have no idea who Allah is.

Some mistakenly believe that Allah is a deity that Muslims worship similar to the way in which Buddhists worship Buddha. Others think that Allah is a man or a prophet. Just the name "Allah" is so shrouded in mystery because most people never take the time to unravel the meaning.
Rather they believe what they see portrayed in the heavily biased media and allow their fears to take hold of their chests instead of seeking out the truth for themselves.

The meaning of Allah is so simple. Allah is the Arabic form of the word "The One True God". Muslims worship the exact same God that Jews and Christians do. However, Muslims prefer to call God by His proper name Allah and refrain from using the word "God" itself since it can be attributed to so many other things. For example, in proper English the feminine form of "god" is "goddess" and let’s looks at Greek Mythology where the Greeks worshipped many "gods".

Muslims believe that Allah is the One and Only God without partners and that the name "Allah" is unique to the sole Creator of this World and everything in it. To liken Allah to another supposed god in any way shape or form is to commit the one unforgivable sin of shirk, or ascribing partners to Allah.

Islam is the only religion on Earth that remained purely monotheistic. Each time a Muslim prays to Allah, he has a meeting with the Lord of this World without an intercessor or mediator. Muslims believe in submitting their entire will to Allah through acts of worship, obedience and good deeds. Muslims believe that Allah is ever-present watching over His Creation and is always close to them.

Allah says in the Quran what means,

"And indeed we have created man, and we know what his own self whispers to him. And we are nearer to him than his jugular vein (by Our Knowledge)." (Qahf 50:16)

The Quran reveals that there are Beautiful Names of Allah, which is how Muslims get to know the Creator. Muslims are forbidden to ponder upon Allah’s appearance or to attribute Him to anything in this World as some faiths liken Allah to man. Islam rejects this entirely. We can know about Allah from His beautiful names of which Prophet Muhammad said:

"Verily, there are ninety-nine names of God, one hundred minus one. He who enumerates (and believes in them) them would get into Paradise." (Al-Bukhari)

Some of the names are:

Al-Wadud — the Loving
Al-Khaliq — the Creator
Al-Ahad — the One
Al-Aziz — the Mighty and Strong

According to Islam, the message of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad is the very same one that was given to the Jews and Christians.
However, meanings were lost in translation and the books revealed to past generations were corrupted and distorted by the hands of humans.

Allah gave mankind one final chance to be mindful of Him and to obey Him. And that chance came in the form of an unlettered man from the deserts of Arabia named "Muhammad" and through him Allah revealed His final revelation.

The Quran is the last book that Allah gave to humans and it is preserved which means Allah will safeguard it from corruption. Over the past 14 centuries, not a single letter has been changed or altered.
No more books or Prophets will come to this world. And it is up to humans as to whether they believe in this final message or turn their backs on it as scores have done before and continue to do every day.

The best way for humans to understand Allah as the Creator is to open their eyes and see His design. Who else but Allah could create a flower as perfect as the rose? Or cover Earth with so much vegetation and foliage that scientists today are still unearthing new species?

Allah is the Most Kind and the Most Merciful. All that Allah has asked for humans to do is to be pious, worship Him alone and be kind to our fellow man. In return, humans are the veritable owners of the Earth to rule it as they see fit as Allah continuously showers His innumerable blessings upon humanity as well as punishments for those who disobey and wreak havoc on the Earth.

Islam is not a new religion or something that a few simply chose one day to follow. Islam is a continuation of the previous messages that were revealed to past Prophets.

Prophet Muhammad seals the line of prophets who came to this world both to warn humans and give glad tidings of Allah's mercy. It is only through Allah's love and mercy for mankind that He bothered to send prophets so that we may know Him… the One and Only God.

"Need your comments and your evaluation "

By Yasmine Yaser
Published: 8/16/2008

Isnin, Jun 15, 2009

Share Islam :" The difference between God and Allah "

" The difference between God and Allah "

I think it is the time to know the difference between God and Allah.

At the beginning, I feel a linguistic analysis of the origins and meanings of the two terms, God and Allah, would be most useful.

According to most dictionary references, the majority of words currently in use today trace their source back to Latin, Greek or Old, Middle; German, French or Spanish, along even with reference sometimes to Hebrew or Sanskrit. Arabic is rarely referenced, which is another problem that needs to be tackled in a separate article.

Attempting to find the origin for the term, God proved to be quite fruitless as I perused all major English dictionaries, old and new. I welcome anyone’s proofs to the contrary, and, until such time as any are brought forward, I invite all to read this answer, which is based on what I consider to be the supreme truth, found in the Arabic language. Taken as a given that the concept of the word God in most minds is that of strength and giving, fairness and capability, I offer the possibility that the root can be found in the Arabic term Jude, which root is jawada - which is this meaning exactly. A related term in English would be the word "good".

Let us now look at the Arabic word Allah - we can immediately recognize the English word "all", indeed we have herein one of the best characteristics of Allah’s attributes; The All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Merciful etc. Every baby born anywhere in the world has, as his first utterance the short "a" sound. No new born ever cried out with an "s" or a "t" or a "d" or a "b" sound! All exclaim the "a" as an expression of the oneness of humanity, in relation to its Creator. Also, all final deathbed gasps exhale the "h", the last letter of the name of Allah. This is because He is the First and the Last! When we scream in pain or cry out in fear or grunt and groan during strenuous exercise or disgust, or exclaim in joy or surprise, it is the very same… "ahhh", and not the "g" of the word God that we all emit. This reality is intrinsic in our innermost selves, something out of our control!!

Why is this so, you may ask. It is because the word Allah refers to the concept of that which all turns to for refuge and repose. Without finding this state of rest and security, we are in a constant state of frustration and irritability. Our souls all yearn to reach the place of contentment, which can only be found by knowing Allah as He has revealed Himself to us, in the Qur’an.

Another interesting facet of the two related languages is the relation of the words "man" and "woman". The word "man" (mim, nun) in Arabic is the personal pronoun for the human being, as in the English word "man". Both languages use the term also in the sense of "whom". Therefore, the usage of the term "man" is nearly identical in both languages!

The word "wa" in Arabic means "and". In English the word "woman" could be seen to be derived from the concept of a partner to the man. Therefore, the woman or "waman" as it might be more correctly rendered, can be construed as meaning "and-man" or "together with man", the couple which forms the very essence of the human race…
The reason why I referred to the letter "o" as an incorrect rendering in the English word woman is my idea that "o’s" and short "e’s" are extraneous additions to the correct pronunciations, found in the Qur’an. As these sounds were not originally revealed by Allah. The Qur’an is the only revelation, which has remained intact. Both the original Torah and Bible are non-extant and therefore, not open to analysis of their original linguistic aspects. The assumptions put forward regarding the Sumerian, Akkadian, Chaldean, Syriac, Aramaic and Hebrew roots, do not readily admit to these, being derived from the mother Arabic for obvious reasons.

Here, I shall offer a very plausible argument for my suggestion that Arabic is the true language of humanity, based on some concrete examples, with which we can form illuminating comparisons.

If Allah, the Eternal Unchanging Truth, chose to call Himself Allah… is it meet and proper for any created being to change His name? Do any of us have the power to move an atom in the universe without Allah’s first moving it and giving us the ability to be used, as His instruments?

Consider the usage in Hebrew of the word "Elohim". Elohim stands for the concept of the Supreme Being, along with His attributes. We Muslims say Allahumma for Allah and His attributes, or names and characteristics. Those who went astray, after they knew the truth from bani Isra’il is known in Arabic as "yahud". They were not content with the limitations of Allah in any fashion, and were always adding or deleting to that which Allah had ordained. Similarly, they do the same behavior today, with genetic engineering, euthanasia and cryonics etc., forever exceeding the limits of Allah, even in regards to life and death!

The word "Elohim" (plural of "eloha" - the powerful) was invented by them to resist the Almighty. "A" - The first letter of Allah’s name, was changed to "E" and the second was changed to "o". There are portions in the Pentateuch, which refer to Elohim and others, which refer to Yahweh and was changed to Jehovah only in the 14th century. It is read in Greek as Adonis and in Latin as Dominus.

Yet, Allah the Almighty, who is the "all in all" - does not ever change and thusly it would stand to reason, neither would His name. It is now and forever, as it was revealed in the Qur’an - ALLAH. And furthermore, I venture to claim that if the original Torah and Bible were extant for us to examine, we would find the word Allah there also. I wish to remind all sincere Christians, correctly following Jesus - who never called himself God - of the very first two of the Ten Commandments.

• I am the lord thy god, thou shall not have false gods before me.
• Thou shall not take the name of the lord thy god in vain.

Allah warns those who divide Him, as the sole to be worshipped and His total sovereignty over all His Creation (known in Arabic as tawhid al-uluhiyya and rububiyya) He also cautions against tampering with His very name. Would you not then glean from these two first commandments that those who prefer the "E" should be careful of taking the Holy Name in vain?

It is the One and Only we worship, Allah as He called himself… nothing is comparable to Him, never begot and was never begotten… Light of heavens and earth. The Transcendental, Who would not be incarnated, the All-mighty and All-compassionate.

"Need your comments and your evaluation"

By Yasmine Yaser
Published: 8/17/2008

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Hati adalah raja yang menggerakkan seluruh anggota badan. Hati bersemayam di dalam dada, dilindungi, dikelilingi, dan dilayani oleh seluruh anggota badan yang lain. Hati merupakan anggota badan manusia yang paling mulia. Dengan hati pilar-pilar kehidupan kokoh berdiri….
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Hidayah : Bukti Tuhan Tak Adil?


Sebelum ini, penulis ada berkongsi artikel dari seorang ustaz berkenaan hamba allah ketika berhadapan dengan masalah (ujian) dan artikel ustaz yang sama tentang jawapan dari al-quran kepada mereka yang selalu menyalahkan ALLAH bila ditimpa musibah dalam beberapa mailing yahoo groups yang penulis sertai.

Dilihat dari satu sudut (sudut orang yang mengiktiraf ALLAH tuhan yang selayaknya disembah) maka sememangnya sebagai hamba tidak boleh mempersoalkan ujian dari ALLAH, tapi diri sendiri perlu cuba untuk melihat hikmah disebalik ujian tersebut.Bagaimana pula dari perspektif bukan Islam?

Ada non-muslim mengatakan konsep hidayah adalah milik ALLAH dalam Islam bukti ALLAH tak adil.Frasa-frasa seperti "Allah bagi hidayah pada siapa yang Dia kehendaki dan sesatkan siapa yang Dia kehendaki" dipandang oleh sesetengah non-muslim sebagai tidak adil, maka dia terus buat kesimpulan dah memang ALLAH yang nakkan dia menjadi non-muslim.

Persoalan yang timbul, "Siapakah yang mengetahui siapa yang ALLAH beri hidayah dan siapa yang ALLAH nak sesatkan?", adakah semua yang bergelar muslim sememangnya terjamin kehidupan yang baik di akhirat (hereafter)sana?

Bukti-bukti wujudnya tuhan tidak terbatas hanya dengan al-quran dan peranan utusanNya.Seluruh alam ini bukti ada nya pencipta dan pentadbir alam ini (Tauhid Rububiyah), setiap yang mengaku adanya tuhan meyakini adanya satu Zat yang berkuasa mencipta dan mentadbir alam ini, cumanya dalam islam pengiktirafan adanya tuhan yang mencipta dan mentadbir ini diistilahkan sebagai Tauhid Rububiyah (pengesaan ke atas Pencipta dan Pentadbir alam ini), maka tak salah dikatakan non-muslim yang percaya adanya tuhan juga punya Tauhid Rububiyah (baca kali ini: mengakui adanya pencipta dan pentadbir alam ini).

Selesai mengiktiraf adanya tuhan, maka seterusnya adalah persoalan mencari Tuhan itu. Tuhan semestinya tidak serupa makhluk (adakah pencipta menyerupai yang dicipta?), apatah lagi bias kepada kaum-kaum atau puak tertentu?Semua manusia yang waras mempunyai akal yang boleh dimanfaatkan untuk berfikir tentang ini dan disertakan niat sememangnya untuk mencari kebenaran, maka pastinya akan mengenepikan persoalan emosi seperti agama nenek moyang dan sebagainya.

Muslim Warisan dan Non-Muslim

Beruntungnya mereka yang dilahirkan muslim, mereka tak perlu bersusah payah mencari tuhan, kerana sejak kecil sudah ditanam dan diajar untuk menerima ALLAH lah tuhan yang patut disembah.Sebaliknya pula bagi mereka yang dilahirkan dari keluarga bukan Islam.Adilkah tuhan?Semua manusia adalah ciptaan ALLAH,kenapa ada pilih kasih begini ye?

Kita lihat realiti sekarang, non-muslim kebanyakannya dilihat sangat menghargai ilmu, dan mereka sangat mementingkan fakta dan angka (facts and figure) dalam berurusan dalam kehidupan harian tapi kurang mengaplikasikannya dalam konteks mencari Tuhan.

Realiti muslim sekarang pula, dilihat lebih selesa dengan status mereka dilahirkan Islam, dengan ALLAH sebenar-benar tuhan membuatkan mereka kurang berusaha dalam memajukan diri tapi cuma berbangga dengan kegemilangan oleh muslim zaman silam tanpa cuba untuk menjadi seperti mereka, muslim sekarang lebih suka menggunakan sahaja ilmu atau teknologi dari non-muslim yang berjaya memanfaatkan fungsi akal untuk kehidupan harian (dalam konteks mengejar teknologi).Muslim sekarang juga lebih sekadar berpuas dengan apa jua yang diterima dan didengari asalkan diletakkan remark disitu sebagai ini lah cara islam,islam menganjurkan begini dan begitu dan sebagainya tanpa banyak soal kepada kesahihan claim itu.

Non-muslim sekarang nyata lebih bijak dan lebih memanfaatkan akal dan menghargai disiplin ilmu dalam hal-hal keduniaan dan muslim pula selesa dengan Islam yang diwarisi tanpa cuba memahami bagaimanakah yang dikatakan berislam itu.

Muslim kena usaha, non-muslim juga kena berusaha

Masing-masing diberi kelebihan dan kekurangan, muslim tak boleh mengabaikan hal keduniaan kerana selain menjadi hamba ALLAH, muslim juga berperanan dalam memakmurkan dunia ini iaitu berperanan sebagai khalifah di muka bumi, bolehkah muslim sekarang menjadi khalifah dengan realiti seperti itu?

Cukupkah lahir sebagai muslim?Sudah cukupkah seseorang non-muslim menjumpai kebenaran kemudian revert menjadi muslim,sudah terjaminkah syurga untuknya?Bagaimana mahu mengesahkan apakah yang dikatakan ajaran Islam itu?Muslim perlu berusaha untuk memastikan segala amalannya adalah sahih seperti mana yang didemo kan oleh utusan ALLAH yang dihantar untuk mengajarkan manusia bagaimanakah Islam itu.Cukupkah dengan cakap-cakap orang (sama ada mufti, ustaz dan tok guru kita)?Perlukan kepada fakta bukan? itu gunanya Al-quran dan As-sunnah yang sahih.Kenapa perlu as-sunnah yang sahih?Kerana muslim sekarang levelnya dah makin kurang, kejujurannya makin berkurang, sesnsitivitinya kepada keaslian sumber agama itu kurang.

Manakah yang lebih betul faham tentang Islam? Rasulullah atau tok-tok guru kita?Lantaran itu perlu apa yang diajar oleh tok-tok guru kita selari dengan sunnah rasul.Rasul tentunya selari dengan apa yang diberitahu al-quran, maka ikut sunnah secara langsung akan selari dengan al-quran.Walaupun mengaku ikut al-quran tapi tolak rasul, tak jadi, sebab rasul yang lebih tahu dan faham visi dan misi Islam yang ALLAH nak berikan kepada manusia.

Non-muslim pula usahanya  perlu memanfaatkan akal yang ada untuk menilai balik adakah benar agama anutannya adalah agama yang diredhai tuhan?Sesungguhnya manusia tak sempurna, apa jua ciptaan manusia pasti ada kecacatan, begitu juga halnya agama yang bukan dari ALLAH.Bandingkan saja kitab al-quran dengan kitab-kitab lain, bandingan dengan dispilin maka pasti akan terbukti manakah kitab dari si Pencipta.

Hidayah dari tuhan?Itu urusan ALLAH, yang penting kita buat kerja kita, iaitu manfaatkan akal untuk mencari kebenaran tak kira muslim atau non-muslim.

Kehidupan adalah proses

Ramai yang selalu menyebutnya termasuk penulis tetapi selalu juga lupa untuk betul-betul memahami dan aplikasikan dalam kehidupan.Mencari kebenaran, menjadi muslim yang baik itu adalah proses yang berterusan.Bila dah namanya kediupan adalah proses, adakah sesorang yang berumur 25 tahun boleh mengakui dia sudah selesaikan proses tersebut?Biar saya frasakan balik ayat ini dengan : Bolehkah seorang yang berumur 25 tahun mengaku : "Alhamdulillah, aku dah berjaya jadi muslim yang baik"

Jadinya, muslim warisan (yang dilahirkan muslim) juga perlu berusaha untuk mencari kebenaran (beramal dengan ajaran islam yang sahih) dan memajukan diri untuk memakmurkan bumi (peranan sebagai khalifah).

Bagi non-muslim pula, sudah punya kelebihan dalam kemaslahatan dunia (teknologi), maka usahanya perlu juga kepada menjamin kemaslahatannya di akhirat (hereafter), sebab kita semua akan mati, dan sama ada seseorang itu percaya atau tidak akan adanya pengadilan di akhirat kelak, semuanya tetap akan diadili berdasarkan apa yang telah diperbuat semasa kehidupan di dunia.Berfikirlah tentang asal - usul kejadian kita, si Pencipta tentunya tahu bagaimana penciptaan manusia, dan terbukti apa yang diceritakan Pencipta tentang penciptaan manusia itu kena dengan sains yang manusia berjaya terokai ilmunya setakat ini, tapi tak semua sains manusia berjaya merungkai 'ilmu sains' dalam al-quran, mungkin generasi terkemudian akan berjaya menemuinya.

Kenali Islam dari sumbernya, bukan dari Muslim

Islam itu indah, lihat saja namanya, Islam yang bermaksud penyerahan secara total kepada si Pemilik yang Abadi iaitulah Allah Jalla wa 'Ala.Tapi adakah dengan sesorang itu mengaku seorang Islam, maka automatisnya dia menjadi seorang yang baik?Nama islam itu sendiri bersifat sesuatu perlakuan atau perbuatan iaitu penyerahan.Maka dengan mengaku menjadi seorang yang berislam (muslim) maka seseorang itu melakukan islam, dan verb Islam ini menyeluruh dalam semua aspek kehidupan, tidak terbatas kepada aspek ritual sahaja.

Sama seperti ukhwah islam, ukhwah islam sangat indah.Tapi bukan bermaksud bila seseorang itu sama akidahnya, maka terus dia dapat merasai indahnya ukhwah islam itu.Ukhwah islam atau persaudaraan atas nama islam itu memerlukan setiap yang mengaku berislam (muslim) berusaha sesuatu.Apakah ia?iaitulah berusaha memelihara hubungan dengan setiap yang mengaku berislam (muslim) seperti saudara kita.Seseorang boleh memilih kawan kan, tapi bolehkah seseorang itu memilih adik beradiknya (saudara kandung)? Tidak bukan?Jadi baik atau buruk saudara kita, tetap dia saudara kita dan kita kena perbetulkan.Sama juga persaudaraan atas nama Islam, setiap yang berislam adalah saudara kita, kita tak boleh memilih mana yang kita nak berukhwah islam dengan dia atau tidak, tak kira dia kawan baik kita ataupun tak, kita suka dia ataupun tidak, nak tanak tetap kita kena pelihara hubungan yang baik dengan dia dan bersangka baik dengan dia.Rasulullah tak menamakan hubungannya yang rapat dengan Abu Bakar sebagai ukhwah islam, tapi baginda menyatakan Abu Bakar adalah teman rapat.Kawan baik berbeza dengan persaudaraan atas nama islam, semua orang pastinya punya kawan atau rakan yang lebih digemari, tapi ukhwah islam tetap sesuatu tuntutan wajib dalam islam untuk dipelihara tanpa mengira batas suka atau tak, gemar atau benci.

Begitulah satu dua contoh keindahan Islam, dan setiap yang mengaku berislam dituntut untuk berusaha untuk melaksanakan ajaran Islam ini, ianya bukan terinstall secara automatik setelah mengucap dua kalimah syahadah, tapi memerlukan jihad (usaha) untuk melaksanakannya.Dan muslim berjihad untuk melaksanakan islam itu juga adalahs atu proses yang berterusan.Maka adalah tak wajar untuk menilai Islam dari Muslim kerana Muslim itu sendiri masih dalam proses untuk melaksanakan Islam.

Tuntutan adalah satu kemestian, bukan pilihan

Syurga itu mahal harganya, dan setiap manusia yang ingin ke sana perlu membayar "harga" tiketnya. Islam itu adalah tiket ke syurga, bermakna untuk memiliki tiket tersebut adalah satu keperluan ke syurga.Dan sudah tentu juga, cuma tiket yang asli yang pass untuk masuk syurga.bagaimana untuk menjamin mendapat Islam yang asli? - Al-jawab sudah tentu dengan tidak mengabaikan manual dan demo oleh orang yang betul-betul memahami Islam (manual = al-quran, demo = sunnah rasul).Mungkin kita tak dapat untuk 100% sama seperti yang asal, tapi kita berusaha dengan berdisiplin dalam merujuk sumber-sumber yang sahih dan tafsiran golongan awal tentang misi dan visi Islam oleh Rasulullah.

Satu lagi keindahan dalam Islam adalah, tuntutan nya datang secara pakej 2 dalam 1.Islam menuntut :

  1. Amar Makruf (Melaksanakan ibadah dan perbuatan baik)
  2. Nahi Mungkar (Meninggalkan maksiat dan pekara jahat)
Kedua ini datang selari, dan muslim perlu melaksanakan keduanya.Seperti contoh, perempuan yang bertudung labuh sekalipun, tapi jika masih mengumpat atau bersangka buruk kepada yang tidak bertudung, pun tak jadi.Ataupun petah bercakap pasal agama, tapi kalau masih lagi gagal kawal syahwat, pun masalah.Usaha perlu selari ke arah dua-dua tuntutan, sama seperti orang yang nak menjaga kesihatan, tak jadi kalau cuma aktif bersenam tapi pemakanan tak jaga, amar makruf dan nahi mungkar itu satu pakej, takleh dipisahkan.

Manusia itu lemah

Dalam melakukan apa jua proses, pasti kita akan mengalami kegagalan, dan dari kegagalan kita pelajari sebab-sebabnya supaya tak diulangi keseilapan sama, selagi seseorang itu tidak dapat mengetahui sebab dan cara mengatasi kesilapan lalu, selagi itu dia mengulangi kesilapan yang sama, walaupun pada zahirnya nampak seperti dia yang mahu melakukan kesilapan itu, tapi hakikatnya pastilah kerana dia masih gagal mengenalpasti cara untuk mengatasi kesilapan lalu.Disini perlunya proses menuntut ilmu.

Islam nan indah

Islam menganjurkan bersangka baik,menuntut ilmu, menjaga ukhwah islamiyah dan pelbagai lagi.Lihatlah Islam pada faktanya, dan maafkanlah muslim yang masih dalam proses menjadi muslim yang baik.Kepada sesama muslim, kongsikanlah ilmu, tips, petua dan sebagainya kepada muslim yang memerlukan, sama-sama kita mengislah diri.